I'm Naman. A Designer & Developer Making the Web a Better Place.

Introducing myself to you. I am Naman Vrati, a professional freelancer, expertise in web development, wordpress-blogging, video and photo editing, animation, whiteboard anime and managing gaming servers (amxmodx).

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my services

Website Design

I make websites, just like this one. I have expertise of over 6 years in web-development and I can use my coding skills to help you for your website too! I have a bunch handy-features collected for your in my packages. Check now!


Yes, I can give you a fresh-live installation of WordPress. I can make a WordPress website for you, with all basic installations complimentary with my WordPress installation and design package. Check it out now.

Website design

Using Premium themes and add-ons,I can create a stunning and responsive website for you, with pixel perfect design, to load your work within seconds to the whole web-world. SEO is optimized for you to get good ranking in search engines, so your business won’t get stopped.

Content Strategy

We will make a personalized blog for you, with interactive content using plugins and widgets. We can make a content promotional marketing strategy so that your clients will not miss you. What else left? Just let me know.

Gaming Servers

Gaming servers uses specific plugins and add-ons to code their server for a lag-free experience. I also do this work. I can built a server for you, with all necessary plugins to get started in gaming, and you are the admin!

Counter Strike 1.6/GO/Minecraft

Is this game old? I know that, still stats show that. Though this modern gaming world has much to showcase in their offerings, Counter Strike 1.6 has won many hearts and it won’t stop doing the same. I am here to help you make your very own gaming server.


I use AmxModx with ReHLDS (Reversed HLDS) to built a multiport, steam and non-steam server for you. This means all your friends can play together, even if they don’t have steam, or they have port 47.

Maintenance & Updates

This is my policy that no other offers. When I have done building up the server for you, I am here to serve you for the maintenance and updates for the server periodically* so that you never have to hassle in.

My Process


We get your feedback and response for what exactly you are looking for.


After it, we will build the base, make the environment and start designing the work for you.


Once designing is over, we will refine the project. This includes additional add-ons etc.


Finally build! Giving finishing touches to the project and applying everything to get it done.

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