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Our Features

Enjoy Pre-Configured Gaming Server!

Our Counter Strike 1.6 Gaming Servers are hosted on hard-coded anti-hack (VAC Protected) dedicated servers.

What do we do for you? Unlike other game-server hosting providers, we give you a pre-configured gaming server. Pre-Configured Gaming Server means that the server is ready to use instantly when provided by us. Once we allot a dedicated IP to you, you can instantly play without any interruptions. You don’t have to waste your time in configuring the server.

Configuring server means wasting 4-5 hours. We save your time in doing the same. Also our server is configured using Re-HLDS Linux Based Technology, that simply means no space for hacking. Our only aim is to let you focus on gaming only, nothing else.

Our gaming servers is designed using AmxModX Integration. This is the most widely accepted and used integration for counter strike servers. Using this integration, you have full access to do whatever you want, nothing is impossible here.

Using the integration, we give you front-end access, so you don’t have to waste your time in typing commands in console to trigger specific things in between gaming. Also, our Premium support helps you out for any problem!



Our Company Mission

Our only mission is to let you focus on your business and gaming. You reserve the full right on your server. We just do the configuration first, so that we make the server Ready to Use for you. You can do anything with your server, until and unless it is against our policies or violating our policies.


We have a Linux-GSM Server based on simple command line interface and Secured File Transmission Protocol. We run on Ubuntu OS with approx 1GB/s down/up speed. Our servers are based on Delhi and Mumbai Regions, so expected ping would be 30-40 (for average users) under Indian political boundaries.

What Else Is Needed?

In coding we say - Nothing is Impossible. So we are here for you. Customers are our first priority. Clear all your doubts before choosing the right plan for you. Contact Sales Team!