Server Renting

Interested in Clan Wars? Deathmatch? Want to play with your friends? Want a distraction free, password protected server for just a few hours to relax? We’ll cover it all up.

Both Public/Private Server Available

Auto-Mix, Deathmatch and other Mods

Your Online Personal Cyber Cafe


Why Server Renting?

Safe & Secure

For a limited time, you get the full access to server. You can safely connect to our servers using irreversible hashes and password protect it for uninterrupted services. Play with your friends on hourly basis with full admin rights.

Custom Mods

Rent our secure servers for your custom mods – ready to use for gaming. It can be either Auto-Mix (War), or deathmatch or Clan matches. You can also take our servers for personal use for some hours.

Full Control

On renting the server, you get the full control over the server. You get the Super Adminiship and you can customize it according to your needs. Invite your friends and enjoy gaming, not frequently changing servers because of hackers.

Secure Servers

You always get secure empty servers to play. Do whatever you want.

Custom Configs

Make your own custom configs and use different plugins easily.

Low Ping Servers

Forget about latency. We always try zero lag for you!

Password Protected

You can make your server password protected. No intruders are allowed!

Get discovered!

You can use your server for any purposes and get discovered!

Custom Mods

Convert your server into a War, Auto-Mix or Deathmatch server instantly.

Easy to Use

Get your work done in clicks and get our support team to work for you!

Earn/Advise From Server

Yes, you are free to conduct tournaments and earn from the server.

Premium Support

No danger! Our support team will be here to help you out!


Virtual Private Server Plans


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get additional discount?

Already the servers are in the most discounted price. Still if you want discount, we can give you discount based on time period. Like you can bulk purchase our server for 3 hours or more to get the discount.

Will I get Super Adminship?

Yes, as per promise. You will get Super Adminship during your time period you purchased. After the time gets over, adminship will be removed.

Can I get extra time?

At present, we give 10 minutes extra time to all plans, excluding 10-15 slots plan. This means you will have 10 minutes to understand and configure server.

What is Premium Support?

Premium Support means priority support from our company. Your queries will be resolved as fast as 5 mins during official hours.

What is RCON Access?

RCON Access is basically server console access, that helps you manage your server quickly, easily and efficiently.

What will happen after the time is over?

Your Adminship will be removed and server will be public again for public use. Still, you can play there but you will not have any right on the server. Server may restart once and it will remove all your custom mods.

Still Not Sure If Renting Is Right for You?

If you play on daily basis, so you would need to pay for the server rent on daily basis. On that condition, we would suggest you to buy private hosting servers on monthly basis on a very discounted price. I am sure you will love it like our other hundreds of clients.

Excellent lag free servers at affordable price. Great customer support provided by Naman. Keep up the good work!!! Always available 24/7 for any kind of support!!

Vignesh Shankar - Rated 5/5 Stars

I luckly found a good place to buy a server and I am so much satisfied. Naman is such a nice and talented person who guided me so well that, I can play freely- no more distraction and trouble. Thanks for your help.

Abhijit Nanda - Rated 4.8/5 Stars

Really Awesome support! Most importantly very patient to any queries. Got everything done on a Sunday within 8 hours. Hats Off to Naman and team.

Ashish Talreja - Rated 5/5 Stars

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Premium Support!

We will do everything for you and we will also support you and guide you on how to use our servers easily. No need to pay extra for any consultant.

AmxModX Integration

World’s most popular integration of Counter-Strike 1.6 Server is AmxModX. We additionally use Re-HLDS, Re-API and Re-GameDLL to reduce your lag.

What Else Is Needed?

In coding we say - Nothing is Impossible. So we are here for you. Customers are our first priority. Clear all your doubts before choosing the right plan for you. Contact Sales Team!