Automated Scripting Limits of Our AI

“AI is gonna take over the world”

Yes, that’s true. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It is a robot/machine that does work automatically, not on human instructions. So, as a part of the world, we also use our own AI bots to help us assist you. We have coded our bots well to help you do your work quickly. So, without AI, we can’t deliver our services to use in quick time.

As you purchase a gaming server from us, we give you 7-day premium support. This support includes your basic server setup, and we ask you to let us know what all you need in your server including maps, plugins, mods, sounds and much more.

But, there’s a limitation on all these things. We have given our promise for full server control and we are on our promise. There’s no limitation on the control of your server. The limitation is of our AI robot that can’t handle very large tasks because of many clients using the same AI bot. So let’s get deep into it.

Understand What do you mean by “Limits”.

Limit means the limit of our AI bot. Not your limit on server control. You are free to do anything on the server under no limits. You can add your custom maps or custom plugins by yourself with no limits. You can literaly add anything in your server to make it feel yours. You can do anything you want and the only limit is 5 GB storage, extendable to 10 GB too.

AI Limits

  • Custom Maps: 50 Extra Maps
  • Custom Plugins: 10 Extra Plugins
  • Mods: Deathmatch and Auto-Mix supported. (Only one can be installed)
  • Custom Sounds (Infinite yet they all should be under 50 MB storage limit + all sounds must be downloadable from Internet using links you provide us – like youtube links etc)
  • Additional Files – Like Weapon Models, Player Skins etc. You can give us individual downloadable links of all of these and total storage limit will be 50MB.

That’s all and more than enough. Your server will be up and running. You can stay us everything on our services form which we will provide after registration.

Any additional comments may also added in the form and they will be reviewed by real person and they will do it for you.

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So, this was the end for this tutorial. We hope that you liked this tutorial. I tried my best to cover everything related to the topic. But, if you still have any queries, feel free to ask us. You can create a support ticket and mention your support license key so that we can review your request. We again thank you for purchasing our services.