How to Configure Your Server on Gametracker?

In this tutorial, I am going to show you that how you can add your server is GameTracker. GameTracker.Com is a verified website that monitors a large number of Gaming Servers of several games. It also records your stats and enables other players to search for your server, boosting your server. Still, it is not necessary that you need to have your server on GameTracker, but still, we will show you how.

Adding Your Server in GameTracker

First of all, let’s login into GameTracker. You need a account to add or claim GameTracker Servers, you can register your new account for free within minutes. Visit

– Now when you have logged in, first of all, search for your server IP, whether your server has already been added in the GameTracker Directory or not. Visit this URL:


Now you can see this option below. Fill the required details here and click ADD SERVER. Page will load with a message.

– If it says ERROR (RED COLOR) That means you have incorrectly filled information or your server is currently offline. Please rectify this problem.

– If it says Server has been added to GameTracker Servers, or this server has been added to your favorities, then you are good to go.

Vola! You have successfully added this server on gametracker. Now you can claim your server. See guide below.

Claim Your GameTracker Server

Now it’s your right to claim the server. Why you should claim your server?

  • You can add your community/clan information.
  • You can create a GameTracker Blog to display news and announcements.
  • You can enable Stats in your server and manage the server Stats of players individually.
  • You can manage server information and DNS information and much more.

Now, when you are about to start, make sure you are connected to server console using SSH.

Open your SSH Client, Login using your credentials provided. Now when SSH Windows Opens up, type the following command in it.

./csserver c

Then press enter when asked to enter the server console. Now you are in your server console.

Now when your console loads up, it looks like many commands and very clumsy. But don’t mind it. It is an part of automatic process. Now you need to open your gametracker server page. Find the server in your favorities and open the server page.

– It will ask you to claim the server. See the option of None – Claim Now! after Server Manager field. Click it. Now it will go into a new window.

Now fill the captcha field and DONT CLICK CLAIM OWNERSHIP RIGHT NOW.

Move on to the server console window and type the command before clicking CLAIM.

hostname GameTrackerClaimServer

Now Your Hostname has been changed for verification. Now click on CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF SERVER option.

It will successfully verify the ownership. Now move back to server console and change the hostname to your default hostname. Don’t Leave the Hostname as it is, as someone else can claim the server again from you.

Move to the console and type the command replacing your hostname.


Now you are done. Now gently press Ctrl + B then D to quit from the console.

Vola! You have successfully done what you wanted! Enjoy Gaming!

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So, this was the end for this tutorial. We hope that you liked this tutorial. I tried my best to cover everything related to the topic. But, if you still have any queries, feel free to ask us. You can create a support ticket and mention your support license key so that we can review your request. We again thank you for purchasing our services.