How To Configure Your Server – Formatting Server Included

Hello! In this tutorial, I am gonna show you how you can configure your server. This article includes the gaming files that are required for our server. When you purchase a gaming server from our company, we give you a ready to use server.
Still, when it comes to reformatting the server, you can use this guide when you are out of support. So Let’s discuss what’s included in this article.

  • Configuration Of CS 1.6 Server
  • Formatting CS 1.6 Server
  • Other Related Stuff.

Let’s Get Started!

So first of all, I would like to tell you that, in order to follow this tutorial, you need to be a member of this website as well as a customer who has a active gaming license for a CS 1.6 Server. Then you may proceed. Dig into it! It’s easy!

Things Needed:

  • Valid License Key (Gaming License Active)
  • FTP/SSH Access (Provided when you purchased the server)
  • Google (gmail) Account.
  • Fast Internet Access.
  • Brain – Need some focus and,
  • Patience – Key to success.

Let’s move on. So first thing is to install Bitvise SSH Client. This is a software which we recommend to use to access our server. Now what you need to do is, login into the server using the FTP Details. When done,

1. Console will be shown up. Simply put this command in server console –

./csserver stop

This will stop the server. Remember, whenever you are modifying system files, it is necessary to stop the server as it requires the change of Internal Modules.

2. Now you are ready to do the changes. For CS 1.6 you need to move on to google drive. We have a shared google drive folder which have our gaming files. You simply need to download the gaming files. You need to follow the steps in order to get those files.

3. Make sure you have already logged in with the google account you used to sign up on our website. This will make us sure that you have purchased the server. Now here’s the link. Click the button.

After loading that page, you may see the page like this:

No need to worry, that’s normal. This is to keep the outsiders out of the box. So what you need to do is to request access using the following text. Please replace your values in the text below:

License Key: NMVR:ABCD (Your Key)
Registered Email ID: [email protected]

Replace the values according to your needs and then click Request Access.

4. Now when you have asked me for access, then ping me out on WhatsApp or support desk or by email that you need access. We will carry forward your request. Then we will ping you out a message usually between 24 hours or less. Moreover, we automatically register your registered Gmail ID with us, so that you don’t need to wait.

5. When the access is granted, you will receive a mail like this.

This email has a button. Click Open. Also, the previous button link will start working. Now open it and you will see something like this.

So when this opens, take a deep breath. The main works starts now!

6. You can see three files right now. Download all three files in your local PC right now. This may take some moments.

7. Now when the files are downloaded, copy the files from your downloads folder to your desktop. Make a new folder in desktop named csgamingfiles and paste all the files there.

8. Now you can see a file. This is a password-protected file. You need to extract it using a password. The password is already provided you in your email. In case, you missed the email or something else, I am just a message away.

9. After done, open the FTP Window in Bitvise SSH Client. There you can see a lot of directories in it. No need to worry, we will also make a backup of your config in case you are reinstalling the files.

10. BACKUP: Navigate to –


Now you can see something like this.

Now what you need to do is to backup all you want. If you want your user configuration and plugins/modules, I will suggest you download the configs folder in your computer. After installation, you can see the user and plugin files that you want and restore them accordingly.

11. Now the final part comes in. Navigate back to serverfiles directory. Open the remote folder of your desktop probably named csgamingfiles. Now stack them like this and upload all the files. If asked to override, you need to override all the files, except the engine file. Delete the engine file that already exists in the remote server and then you just need to upload the engine file from your local server.

Hola! You are done now! When the files are uploaded, you just need to start the server. Type this command in your SSH.

./csserver start

And press enter. The server will startup. If you are facing any error, please ping me a message and I will help you. Meanwhile, the purpose of this tutorial is solved. Below is the System Variables of our gaming files.

Protocol version 48
Exe version (cstrike)
ReHLDS version:
Build date: 18:20:58 Jan 28 2020 (2117)
Build from:
meta version
Metamod-r v1.3.73, API (5:13)
Metamod-r build: 00:14:56 Jul 7 2017 (1.3.73)
Metamod-r from: (asmodai)
game version
ReGameDLL version:
Build date: 02:56:24 May 27 2020
Build from:
amxx version
AMX Mod X 1.8.3-dev+4739 (
David “BAILOPAN” Anderson, Pavol “PM OnoTo” Marko
Felix “SniperBeamer” Geyer, Jonny “Got His Gun” Bergstrom
Lukasz “SidLuke” Wlasinski, Christian “Basic-Master” Hammacher
Borja “faluco” Ferrer, Scott “DS” Ehlert
Compiled: May 10 2015 08:13:56
Built from:
Build ID: 4739:c5f6e26
Core mode: JIT+ASM32

If don’t know what is this, simply ignore this. This is for developers who can understand what is their need and what they want to upgrade. We know our AmxModX version is 1.8.3, but that is because it is stable from our side. No bugs till the date!

Well, that was all about it. I hope you have successfully installed the server files and set up them according to your needs. So glad to see you here. GoodBye!

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So, this was the end for this tutorial. We hope that you liked this tutorial. I tried my best to cover everything related to the topic. But, if you still have any queries, feel free to ask us. You can create a support ticket and mention your support license key so that we can review your request. We again thank you for purchasing our services.