Proof Of Being Indian

Hi Customer! We at NamVr Hosting always seek for better user experience. While you purchase any kind of gaming server from us, you just have to pay for the price and enjoy. We don’t need people to verify themselves using credit cards or debit cards etc. We don’t believe in this concept and that’s why we are open for all: Everyone in the world including kids to old aged people. You are eligible to purchase any kind of server from us easily without any age limit.

But we are proud of our country and understand that people of India don’t get enough benefits from any hosting provider. When you are Indian, you have the option for a discount – Range from 20% to 50% even. Moreover, we host only Indian server.

So, the only one (Only One) Verification you need to give is the verification of being an Indian. Please take a look at all frequently asked question and answers and clarify your doubts easily using email or Whatsapp support.

Why do I need to verify myself?

We have only one verification step. And this is required because we are giving special discount to Indians. Well if you don’t need discount, then it’s ok, you don’t need to verify yourself. But you may loose 20-40% discount on your server

What do you need in verification?

We don’t need the complete address proof. We just want a proof that you are a citizen of any Indian City in all states or union territory. Nothing else.

Will I get the server after verification?

Yes, we just need the verification and a payment for your server. Nothing else, we will do all the setup for you and a call appointment will explain you everything about your server.

Payment first or Verification First?

We need verification first before the payment.

What documents are required in the verification?

Documents? Actually no, we don’t need documents. But if you want you can email us your documents. The encryption is SSL certified.

What methods are accepted?

You can easily give your IP address verification, or give us your Steam ID verification. This is the simplest methods we offer. Or you can give us any kind of address (but verified) document for verification. That’s simple.

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So, this was the end for this tutorial. We hope that you liked this tutorial. I tried my best to cover everything related to the topic. But, if you still have any queries, feel free to ask us. You can create a support ticket and mention your support license key so that we can review your request. We again thank you for purchasing our services.